03 October 2017

Summer 17′ Recap/Fall Update

Man! Summer 17′ was a blast! Went by truly so fast but was filled with wonderful moments and people! The band and I had so many great shows, met so many new amazing fans, friends, and bands! CMA Fest, Fagers Island and Soundstage were among my favorites! Tour was a blast! This Summer was very important growth wise and in finding our sound. We accomplished a lot of goals and put on some amazing shows! Thank you for all the continued love and support. Means the world.

As we enter fall, I’m starting to book shows for winter/spring as well as writing and recording more and more new songs and finding new ways for growth. Because of the current state of the music industry being a singles market, the fact people are bombarded with new music every week and attention spans, I don’t want to release a whole album and have songs be overlooked or missed, so I’ve decided to release the album in singles, so a single a month. That way this preserves longevity and that we have more and more great music to release at a higher volume more often! Studio time sadly isn’t cheap lol! Excited to release all these new tunes! Be on the look out for a new song every month available on every music platform. Thanks for reading! and pls treat people with love. -JP


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